Dates: July 19 – 31

Topic: The Bible—The Word of God. 

Registration Information: The registration deadline has passed. Please contact Paul Bixby for late registration. 

Meeting Information:  All the Zoom links for the truth school meetings will be located on the Schedules & Meeting Links which will be password protected for security purposes. 

Zoom Instructions:  

        1. When in a Zoom meeting, be on-screen, no turning off video. Take a break when there is a break time, not during the meeting.
        2. When in a corporate meeting, stay muted. During group times everyone can have mics on.
          • Host can manage this as well – hosts/moderators may mute mics if we hear background noise.
        3. Only utilize the chat function to ask related questions, not to chat with friends during the meeting.
          • Host is able to manage this by allowing participants to chat with host only, with all participants publicly, with all participants publicly AND privately, or not at all.
        4. Rename yourself with your group number BEFORE your name, ie: S2 Hannah McDaniel
        5. Be aware of your screen background – please sit somewhere with good lighting so we can see your face, and try not to sit in your bed, so that propriety can be maintained.

Support:  If you need the password to access the meeting links or if you have other technical issues you can email us at